Working Group to deploy green energy


  January 14, the group held a video conference on energy and environmental protection. Convey the spirit of the Central Environmental Inspectorate inspectors Hebei mobilization meeting, energy and environmental protection work group to make arrangements. Group Vice President Wang Zhumin attended the meeting and put forward specific requirements.

  Wangzhu Min pointed out that Group and its units should attach great importance to the central group of environmental inspectors inspectors work in Hebei, although the inspection target is for the government, but the ultimate goal of environmental protection tasks and targets are still major industrial enterprises. All units should the inspectors to work as a major political task effectively attaches great importance to it, a careful analysis of the environmental problems of their own existence, to take effective measures to step up in place rectification; to focus their efforts on supporting environmental protection equipment and facilities, operation, maintenance and management like the great importance we attach importance to the main production facilities environmental protection facilities, environmental protection facilities was important to safeguard the long-period, effective and stable operation; to focus on strengthening energy and environmental management system, improve job management system, develop contingency plans to deal with abnormal situations, and vigorously promote environmental public relations events processing power, to eliminate all kinds of environmental incidents.

  Wangzhu Min stressed that in 2015 the Group developed a "Green Development Plan of Action", the Group became the industry's first green development initiatives preparation business, which had a tremendous impact in the country. Preparation of the action plan by making our energy and environmental protection foundation base clearer, more explicit so that the future development direction, has profound significance. All units should "Green Development Plan of Action" plan content decomposition in place, implemented. This year, we will carry out environmental record recognized environmental work; special energy through benchmarking, to further improve the level of energy self-generation, lower energy costs.

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